How To Get Credit Profile Number

How To Get A CPN Number! Show You How To Get Your CPN And Understand The Difference Between A SSN And A CPN Number...

Good for Auto loans, Apartments and Credit Cards!

What can a Credit Profile Number do for you?


CPN Number, Credit Profile Number, Credit Privacy Number.

What is a CPN?
A CPN number is a 9 digit number you can use in lieu of your social security number for credit reporting purposes only. This process has been around since the early 70’s and isn’t going anywhere.

What is it good for?           With CPN Numbers you can obtain: Auto Loans, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Business Loans, Rent an Apartment, or Buy A House. You cannot use a CPN for filing taxes or background checks, strictly credit!

Is this even legal?
CPN Numbers are 100% legal. The FBI and Cornell law both agree. And law states that banks can not deny you credit if you do not wish to provide your SSN. Your SSN was designed for taxes, banks know this.
What does it cost?
CPN Numbers are 100% free. The only other cost you will have after the program is if you decide to buy trade-lines or authorized users which are a great way to get high dollar value loans and cards fast.

Ready To Learn More About CPN Numbers?

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What's Involved In Purchasing A credit profile number (CPN)?

CPN number- trimerged,validated, and scanned. $150

This purchase is guaranteed against death master file. 

Your CPN number is unused by anyone as a credit profile number in the Fico bureaus. 

Tradeline Ready 


This purchase is guaranteed against death master file, non issuance, and caution indications. Enjoy comfort knowing your CPN number is unused by anyone as a credit profile number in the Fico bureaus. * THIS PURCHASE IS FULLY PROCESSED! Tradeline Ready, Tri-merged, and credit bureau processed through Experian, Equifax, & Trans Union. 

$200 FREE BONUS: Detailed instructions on how to build your CPN profile to qualify for credit cards and a car loan 

PLUS free one-on-one coaching on how to use your CPN number (priceless) 

We are accepting payments at our paypal- – Please send money ($150) as friends & family to avoid any additional fees and holds. 

We also accept bank deposits, Bit Coin, and, and Zelle. 

Once you pay, you need to send us – name,date of birth, new address, new phone number, new email. You can text it to 202-213-2218. we usually will have your tri-merged CPN number in 6 business days. You can expedite your order for a 24hr turnaround for an additional $60. 

VERY IMPORTANT: We cannot stress enough the importance of using BRAND NEW information when purchasing a CPN. The smallest thing like a phone number or email address can and WILL merge your new credit file with your old one! As there are absolutely NO REFUNDS on CPNs, it is highly important nothing associated with your old file is used when attempting to build a new one. That is something that is TOTALLY up to the CPN buyer, and not our company! We take absolutely no responsibility if new information is not used when building your new credit file. 

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What is a tradeline and how does it work? 

In simple terms, a tradeline is a credit line or an account on your credit report. All of your credit cards are tradelines, your car loan is a tradeline and so is your mortgage. For the purpose of improving your credit score quickly, we add you as an authorized user to a credit card tradeline with perfect credit history. As an authorized user, you will not be responsible for payments to the card, but you will benefit from the tradeline’s perfect history on your credit report. Tradelines stay on the profile for 60 days. 


CPN numbers are a second chance in the credit game. We at Official CPN Number are committed to helping you become successful your second time around. 

What Is A SCN or CPN? A secondary credit number(SCN) is a nine-digit number that has the exact same genetic makeup of a Social Security Number. A CPN Number (Credit Privacy Number) / SCN Number (Secondary Credit Number) is a unique nine digit identification number that can be used to report financial information to all three credit bureaus. A CPN NUMBER / SCN Number is registered with the Three Credit Reporting Bureaus the process to do so called TRI-Merge (Submitting your personal information & the CPN / SCN to the 3 credit bureaus) and after that you will be able to have payments and financial information reported to. 

You legally have the right to establish this number only once, so do not abuse it. After establishing your SCN number you can use it to open up new lines of credit. 

Apartment Rental Package 

Qualify to rent any house or apartment with out rental package. 

Includes trimerged CPN, paystubs, and job verification. Only $350 

$60 expedite fee

call 202-213-2218


CPN Package 1 

1 Tr--merged/Safesacnned CPN number with 1 tradeline $595 

Includes manual, credit karma setup, and 700-740 score and lifetime consulting 

14 day expedited file is an additional $95 


CPN Package 2 

1 Tr--merged/Safesacnned CPN number with 2 tradeline $1200 

Includes manual, credit karma setup, and 730-770 score 

and lifetime consulting 14 day expedited file is an additional $95 


Barclays 10k 2013 18th $445 

Cap 1 28k 2016 18thth $300 

Discover $700 2015 15th $295 

Barclays 1k 2011 11th $295 

Citi 13k 2013 24th $445 

TD Bank 10k 10 months $295 

Barclays 3.5k 17th 18 months $385 

Barclay 14k 18 months 5th $385 

Cap 1 2k 2016 5th $385 

For expanded tradeline list go to >> 

Primary Tradelines 

14k-18k INstallment or Revolving 

Post every 25th of the month 3yrs old 


Post only to Transunion 


Credit Sweep 30-90 days 

Remove all negative and derogatory items 

Including Bankruptcy, medical bills, child support, tax liens, etc. 


$500 down 

Free consultation 

Check your scores here >> 

Check our credit sweeps site @ for more information 


Do it yourself credit repair Learn all the secrets about how to fix your in 45- 60 days 

1.How to Remove Unauthorized Credit Inquiries... 

2.How to Boost Your Credit Score 50 Points in 30 Days Without Credit Repair 

3.How to Get Guaranteed Credit Card Approval... 

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Business Loan 

Get a business loan in 3 days 

3 months bank statements 

1 page application 

Bad credit OK 

Must make at least 8k a month 

Loan amount is approximately whatever you'have 

averaged over the last 3 months on your bank statements 


More tradelines 

These lines require an a drivers license to post 

Barclays 16.6k 14yrs 15th $620 

Barclays 15k 5yrs 6th $570 

Barclays 8.8k 5th 26th $490 

Discover 10.5k 6yr 5th $520 

Citibank 6.5k 5yrs 24th $480 

PNC 12k 14yrs 24th $620 

Discover 5.5k 2yrs 10th $425 

Barclays 4.5k 1.6yrs 12th $360 

Discover 5.5k 1.8yr 3rd $380 

Barclays 12.9k 2yr 17th $460 

For expanded tradeline list go to >>

Primary Tradeline 

Installment or Revolving 

14k-18k 3yrs old Post only to Transunion 


Post 25th of every month 






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